Frequently Asked Questions

Rule of thumb is that 1 pest treatment (i.e cockroaches alone) normally takes approx. 1hr and each additional pest after that takes an additional 30 mins. Timber Pest inspections take approx. 1.5-2hrs.

Approx. 15-20minutes after treatment, once the products has dried.

No, the product is safe for humans and most pets.

Of course! Termites are rampant in the North Coast of NSW and it is our job to protect your homes.

Detailed inspections of all accessible areas of the premises, including roof, subfloors, void spaces, including internal and external areas is honestly the most superior method of pest location and identification. Clifford Pest Control also have a range of top of the line tools & equipment to assist with inspection where deemed necessary.

Accredited by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority as a Pest Management Technician, holding a NSW Pesticide Licence No. 5079557. This includes general pest, timber pests and pest bird management.

As our termite treatments are customised to suit your property, as well as the variety of termites found, each treatment cost will vary. However, we offer a free onsite, accurate quote.

The simple answer is YES. Unfortunately, termites can be extremely destructive to your property is a very short amount of time and if left untreated or treated incorrected you risk re-entry, further damage and possible thousands of dollars’ worth of property repairs.

No. Clifford Pest Control are not here to judge you, we are a family and understand. Also, leaving your property as is, allows me to assess and treat in your normal environment, ensuring the best outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions - Clifford Pest Control
Frequently Asked Questions - Clifford Pest Control